Wednesday, July 15, 2009

My Sex Voyage pt. 1

So, eventually I learned that my difficulties were due to more emotional circumstances, as opposed to most physical circumstances. When I discovered this fact, with professional assistance, I was belated! But then it dawned on me suddenly, that if it was not a solely physical obstacle, then it must be mental/emotional. My heart began beating faster, pounding hard and ringing in my ears with a resounding thud that seemed as if everyone in the room could hear. All I could think was: if it is an emotional issue- how in the hell am I supposed to get rid of that? I was convinced that this was definitely not got going to be a quick fix. Although, there are conditions that physically prevent women from engaging in sex such as Vaginismus (sounds gross) but is actually a severe spasm that occurs inside the cookie and the surrounding muscles- which is highly painful- I did not receive that diagnosis. I have read from my extensive research that many women have this condition, and in stage level 4 it is so severe, that some receive up to 75 botox injections to inflate and fatten up the cookie, enabling comfort during penetration. That was shocking, but unfortunately I was not so fortunate to be in that category and have that simple of a fix.

I will be sharing more of my story in following posts!....

Today is WED aka Hump Day... and for this blog on every WED the "hump day" I would like to share a few of my favorite sexually related luxuries.

This little bundle of joy is coined with the name "The Pussy Pleaser". It is budget friendly at a price of $21.95. I particularly love this toy to use as a appetizer before engaging in intercourse. You can use it for stimulation for an instant mood setter to get your juices flowing, or you can use it strictly solo- it will get you to that ultimate climax every time! You can purchase this at a store near you, of visit - it's a safe, discreet and secure site.

Astroglide - this is essential to the sexual experience. My hubby & I started using this for fun, and we really enjoy it's non-sticky texture. This can be bought in local stores, or once again at Xandria.

Happy Hump Day #1!


  1. I just wanted to tell you that I am sooo glad you decided to start this blog! I read your book for the first time last year and I loved IT! I can not wait to follow your blog everyday... omg I liked the movie you did too... well, thats it i will be back everyday!

  2. Thanks for following my blog. I freaking love your blog it's brilliant lololo...I'm going to go get myself a pussy pleaser ASAP for the love of god what the hell have I been waiting for. Keep on writing I will keep on reading.

    Have A Good Hump

  3. So glad you are sharing your journey with people. Very powerful!

  4. I relate to the emotional stress of sex so much. I love that you started this, maybe there's help for us yet.

  5. oooweee. iim visiting that site now. when iim emotional sex is a drag. my mind is elsewhere. love yur blog btw.

  6. Yes you will want to add This little bundle of joy is coined with the name "The Pussy Pleaser" to your couples toys collection. Great post!