Saturday, May 15, 2010

Peices of Shit

I cant believe what is going on right now.

What the hell has my life morphed into?
Did I create this?

Our housemate is a peice of shit. Living here is a shit hole.. I dont know what the fuxk my man is... what he is doing or what is going on inside his head. SHIT.

Ive been smoking (well, inbetween my man and I) a pack of fucking $9 Newport Lights a day... (and its $12 in New York). That is such a waste, but right about now it's almost like I need that fucking pasifier to survive and deal with all the drama. Finiancial crisis, employment, iTunes, our company, and this FUCKING bitch whore that live with us in this HELL HOLE. I need to release. And Ive been drinkng like a damn FISHHHHHH.

It was so weird today, I looked in the history of my netbook and apparently my man has been going on the most freakiest porn sites on MY PC for the past month DAILY.. I was pissed as shit... and I let him know.... (I like to be included at least). I thought I was trying and succeeding at all of his FUCKING desires. I guess not. Men will always be men. Fucking ASSHOLES. I feel like my FUCKING head is going to explode right about now. I do not know what to do. I have been living in this boring ass, dead ass, town for 3 months now, and I feel like I just need to seriously get the fuck out.

Get Away.