Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Writer & Lifestyle Designer Nikoya Johnson Thinks Her Way Is Better Than Sex

I haven't checked in on here in a while, but I assuredly have not been ghost from the web. The last you heard of me I was clearly going through and through. Let's just say, I'M OUT OF THE SITUATION.

I needed much clarity, and I have been reading a lot of personal growth blogs, books and material online. It has been quite an experience. One blog I have been reading for many years is Zen Habits (yea like who has't read that) and The Art of Non-Conformity. But lately I have been reading new minimalist blogs and such.

One blogger that I have become particularly hooked on is Nikoya Johnson's site Shortieroc, she talks about challenging the norms, living freely and just taking a risk in life in general. One of her latest blog-posts (and I am writing this because the girl turned off the comments) she states that, "Technology is a powerful tool that is trying to liberate humanity from a form of slavery and limiting levels of consciousness. Are we smart enough to see that, or are we simply depleting its resources, just like we deplete and consume the resources of Mother Nature?"

That really made me think about my worth in the world. I admit I have not been the most giving person in my community, household or overall society, but I would not go so far to imply that the new "savior" of the universe is TECHNOLOGY?

Then I thought about when I was younger, horny and single - what helped me from sleeping around? A little technical device, that was conceptually created by none other than Cleopatra herself - the Vibrator.

Great point Nikoya.