Thursday, July 16, 2009

Nocturnal Workout

I was so excited for my hubby to return home last night from his 24 hour business trip to Seattle.

I had only been without him for a full day, and when he returned it was like I had not seen him in a really, really long time. (Sappy, I know) but I am learning something here. This is what happens when you spend the majority of your life sex deprived and horny and confused: a sex feign and borderline addict. We have been together for 5 years and some days, I know we are together because we love each other and we believe we are soul mates and everything, etc., etc. But last night it was all about the sex. It was not about making love, not about a romantic night. Just hardcore action in the car first, then on our condo staircase, and... yea finally- in our bed. How does this virginal wife become so sexually adept? How does one go from not even liking to be touched (because she knows where it will lead too and is to fearful of the pain) be a converted woman with a sex drive of a porn star, or man for that matter?

I do not know the dynamics of why the change is so drastic, but I do know this. I came 5 times last night and it was great. I didn't even have to try. No oral, no prelude with a toy or extensive foreplay. Just straight up sex, strict and constant boa and cookie interaction- for about 5 hours.

I usually hate to have sex in the car, but he got turned on and I was already juicy- and once he reached down to touch my cookie and became aware of that fact, the boa wanted to come out to play. We just couldn't wait! Even though I'm practically bedridden today (and drugged up on tylenol) due to a sore hip and cracked neck, I have a glorious smile on my face.


  1. Drugged up/bedridden or long as it was worth it! LOL @ Seattle... I was JUST about to fly out there. Anywho... nice blog... def gonna spend some time and read/catch up. Thanks for showing love on our page! :) We're following you now!

    -Kelly of *AF*

  2. (( 1st blog i actually read the entire thing ))
    thanks for grabin my attention and come back any time

  3. thanks for the comments! <3 @DRE and @Kelly Nina Kiyyah ;p

  4. You got my attention for sure:)

    Glad it was worth it (even though you're bedridden now), sex can always do that lol....

  5. i agree with the comments posted above me, this is one very interesting blog, and i'm following this ^^ hope the tylies work their magic hun, but i'll bet it was worth it ^^

  6. i think there is one reason to your healthy sex drive: love. you are in love and there is nothing more interesting and beautiful about having the man you love on top and in you. :)

  7. oh wow!!! lol...Enjoy is totally allowed..He is your hubby..
    I enjoyed reading your post

  8. wow enjoyed reading your post and it drove me to the rest of ur blog..def interesting..visit my page sometime and follow if you like it

  9. Great, fun, honest. Cool blog. I know how you feel! :)

    I'm your latest follower :)

  10. It's always delicious to read that a married couple is having steamy sex!

    Hope you'll stop by and follow me, I'm following you now!

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